A trip to Ireland : what to eat and drink

A trip to Ireland : what to eat and drink

Food is a very important element, which can make a difference to your trip to Ireland: do not believe in rumors you may have heard. Ireland is indeed a country rich in quality products since their food and drinks are generally made from fresh products.

Besides, as the saying goes, the proof of the reading is in the eating, so you have to taste before you proclaim your verdict. The Irish food may seem fatty; however, their meat and fish are daily fresh and their vegetables from organic farming. Through this article, you will discover the joy of eating Irish. Traditional and modern dishes that give appetite accompanied by fresh drinks to digest well.

Irish culinary art

A cuisine based on meat and local quality products, travel to the heart of Irish gastronomy and discover the culinary specialties of excellence of this country: ­

  • Irish breakfast: this traditional dish consists of sausages, bacon, white beans sometimes with tomato sauce, grilled tomatoes, toasts and eggs cooked according to your desires. You can add side dishes such as mushrooms or hash browns, grated potato pancakes, white or black pudding, smoked salmon or haddock. This breakfast is a ‘must' in Ireland and it is so complete that it can hold until lunchtime. ­
  • Coughlans: a spicy beef recipe that can be served cold and hot. You can taste it or prepare it at any time of the year. The beef is well marinated for three weeks or even a month before cooking. You can add chili, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, black pepper and other ingredients as you wish. Coughlans is a typical dish of the country and is to taste absolutely. ­
  • Fish and chips: a modern dish that you can get at almost all restaurants in Ireland. It is fried and is very crunchy. The fish is fresh and a serving can be for two people.

Beverages based on ingredients with a rare taste

The first Irish specialty drink is Guinness, a national pride of Ireland. This brown beer, which is an international classic, is endowed with an exceptional taste. The Irish even drink it as they drink water.

Then, there is the Irish coffee; it is served in a balloon glass, filled with hot water beforehand. This brown sugar sweet coffee with fresh cream is also composed of a third of whiskey.

This drink is often chosen by women because of its exquisite sweetness. Many liqueurs have a sweet taste but have a high alcohol content of 17 ° minimum that the Irish accompany with herbs. Cider or Stag has a special taste and can be found in almost all restaurants and bars.

Enjoy these specialties

To experience a quality moment with friends in this country with special cooking recipes, discover the expertise of the Irish by choosing to spend your next stay in this country.

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