Where to celebrate Saint patrick's Day in Ireland ?

Where to celebrate Saint patrick's Day in Ireland ?

Where to celebrate Saint patrick's Day in Ireland ?

The Green Island, a dream destination where stories and landscapes are captivating and beautiful. Stories with unique traditions and cultures that continue to this day. St. Patrick's Day is one of Ireland's best-known traditions and is the most famous. A parade during which emotions and adventures are on the program.

Indeed, during this festival, you can discover for a few days not only the food or lifestyle of the population but also shows, parades, songs and dances to which you can take part.

Adventure in the most exceptional places

Discovering the beer, cider, whiskey with exotic and traditional culinary specialties, St. Patrick's Day is an opportunity to explore the best places in Ireland such as:

  •  Dublin: Christian place of worship, the grand parade takes place in this main city and where the majority of cultural events and activities take place.
  •  Wexford: they have also had their own parade for a hundred years now. It offers the unique opportunity to admire the parade with the green color and the clover symbol everywhere.
  •  Waterford: The oldest city in Ireland, it is also the place for the national holiday. This city is really worth visiting among others, especially for all the concerts and shows taking place there.
  •  Kilkenny: Famous for the traditional music festival, it's the inevitable event of St. Patrick's Day. Traditional music and dance are highlighted during the days of festivities.
  •  Cork: the second-largest city, it also has a great parade with themes still relevant and attractive. The visit of this place allows to discover the new talents and to delight the children.
  •  Killarney: an original and charming city thanks to its lively parades of the Emerald Isle. The entertainment continues in the pubs and the ice creams are so yummy.

Wonders to satisfy your desires

For a stay of a few days or for some weeks, you can go at your own pace during Saint Patrick's Day. For visits, historical discoveries, diving and swimming in lakes or beaches, photography in the most visited areas or for a change of scenery, you have everything you need during this event.

Dingle is for example the place to feast until dawn and enjoy the views of the green hills. Limerick, for its part, offers a trip with various themes each year, designed to engage young and old with the adorable fireworks. Galway and Sligo offer a carnival atmosphere, rich in music in all the streets.

Book this Irish National Day in advance

Thanks to this famous event, Ireland is full of tourists every March. Indeed, almost all places are overcrowded on that special event making of Ireland the most visited place in the world on St. Patrick's Day.

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